Royal Challengers Bangalore Debates en Copyright2015 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 For Summary : <br />Against Summary : 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Should Daniel Vettori open the bowling for RCB? For Summary : In the T20 scenario with field restrictions on and openers looking to use the pace of the new ball.<br />Against Summary : Vettori has been great in creating and sustaining pressure in the crucial middle overs. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Should Virat Kohli open the innings for RCB along with Chris Gayle? For Summary : If both of our top batman open the innings, together they can take advantage of restricted fielding & add a huge score.<br />Against Summary : Virat being experienced at that position should not be experimented with his form as it may work reverse. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Is the T20 format inherently advantageous for batsmen? For Summary : Yes T20 is designed in such a way that it holds more advantages for batsmen. <br />Against Summary : T20 is a great for bowlers because they are forced to develop their game considering the big payday that it offers. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Can we build very different teams for different conditions? For Summary : A good idea that could be revolutionary.<br />Against Summary : An idea that will help opponents more than it will help the team 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Do T20 skills help players in Tests? For Summary : Skills helps the game, not just the player <br />Against Summary : T20 specialists are good at only one form of cricket 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Should Virat Kohli replace Yuvraj in the Tests against WI? For Summary : Yuvraj has had his chances, spread over 7 years since his debut in 2003 to seal a Test spot.<br />Against Summary : Dropping a player without giving them adequate chances is no good for the team, captain and especially for players. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Is it unfair to drop players from the National squad without giving them a game? For Summary : Being named for the Test squad is of no use unless there is a policy which ensures that every one plays atleast one game<br />Against Summary : Players who have been dropped without a game should not take it personally and instead focus in a team\'s balance. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Will conditions in Australia suit India\\\'s game on their tour? For Summary : India\'s bowlers are very capable of exploiting Australian conditions. <br />Against Summary : Australia\'s bowlers and batsmen know their pitches much better than the visitors. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Is rotation policy good for Team India? For Summary : Rotation is essential if a team wants depth and strength on the bench as well.<br />Against Summary : Winning is more important than trials of the players. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Should Asia Cup be reserved for young players only? For Summary : The Asia Cup is not the place to find out how young talent fares.<br />Against Summary : The Asia Cup is an ideal low level tournament to try out youngsters. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Should RCB try out Saurabh Tiwary as an opener? For Summary : Saurabh Tiwary hasn\'t got a chance to play more than 5 overs to prove his talent.<br />Against Summary : T20 is all about finishing the innings well with big hitters like Saurabh Tiwary. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 The M Chinnaswamy pitch should aid our world class spinners more. For Summary : Vettori and Murali can run through sides on their own. <br />Against Summary : Our domestic bowlers must be given the best chance to succeed. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Tillakaratne Dilshan should play ahead of Chris Gayle For Summary : A fit Dilshan will make a difference<br />Against Summary : With the next big knock around the corner, Chris Gayle must be persisted with 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 KP Appanna should be given a consistent run For Summary : KP Appanna has the potential to win campaigns<br />Against Summary : The team must be more adaptable 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Muralitharan should be played more often. For Summary : The bowling needs inspiration!<br />Against Summary : The team that bats deeper holds a bigger advantage in T20s. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Dirk Nannes would have made a difference at the Hyderabad pitch For Summary : Dirk needed the perfect time and spot to show his game and I think the Hyderabad pitch would have been the best place.<br />Against Summary : The bowlers we played restricted DC to a gettable total. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 IPL teams be allowed to loan and lease players For Summary : Many teams struggle to put a competent XI on the field while other teams have an embarrassment of riches.<br />Against Summary : It is not a feasible idea in a nascent league such as the IPL. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Players be allowed to pick and choose formats to prioritize For Summary : Players risk burn out by playing all formats<br />Against Summary : This affects long term planning for the team 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 National cricketers should take a break to play county cricket For Summary : Even national cricketers need an occasional break to go back to the basics.<br />Against Summary : National cricketers are already equipped with skills. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Reviving India-Pakistan cricket ties is a great idea For Summary : India Pakistan cricket encounters are the mightiest of all cricket battles. They are the Ashes of Asia!<br />Against Summary : A futile attempt that will only lead to fatigue 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Cheteshwar Pujara should be India's no.3 in Tests For Summary : Pujara has the record and numbers to speak for him<br />Against Summary : It\'s experience that counts for a no.3 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Promising U-19 players should be fast-tracked to the senior Indian cricket team For Summary : Early exposure will help them build their game<br />Against Summary : They must strengthen their game in domestic cricket 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 India should play 5 bowlers in the World Twenty20 For Summary : India's traditional weakness must be addressed.<br />Against Summary : India's army of part timers can do the job. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Cheteshwar Pujara should be selected in the ODI/T20 Team For Summary : Pujara's talent can be crucial in the shorter versions.<br />Against Summary : He will end up sitting on the bench. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Virat Kohli should captain the Indian ODI/T20 team. For Summary : We need an aggressive captain and Virat is the obvious choice.<br />Against Summary : Captaincy will affect his performance. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Pakistani players should be allowed to play in IPL 2013 For Summary : It's time to bury the differences<br />Against Summary : A bilateral series is more than enough 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Zaheer Khan should have been a part of the ODI side For Summary : He deserved a chance<br />Against Summary : He needs to refuel his confidence with domestic games 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 India should have different captains for different formats. For Summary : Different captains will have a fresher outlook<br />Against Summary : MS should continue as the man for all formats 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Dropping Sehwag from the Test squad was not a good decision For Summary : India needs Sehwag and his experience<br />Against Summary : Its time to give the new boys a chance 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 2 specialist spinners should be a part of RCB's playing XI this IPL For Summary : Spin plays a crucial role<br />Against Summary : Part timers can always chip in 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Vijay Zol and Sheldon Jackson should get opportunities For Summary : Zol and Jackson deserve a playing eleven spot<br />Against Summary : The current bating line up should not be tinkered with 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 KL Rahul must open the batting for RCB For Summary : KL Rahul's explosive starts will help<br />Against Summary : Pujara’s solidity required at the top 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Cheteshwar Pujara should have been a part of the Champions Trophy squad For Summary : Pujara could add stability to the Indian batting<br />Against Summary : Pujara should prove himself in bilateral ODIs 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Team India's playing XI should remain untouched in the WI tri-series For Summary : Yes, the team should be given time to gel together.<br />Against Summary : Players should be selected based on the given conditions. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Virat Kohli should lead India in ODIs For Summary : Virat has shown a lot of maturity in his game.<br />Against Summary : Virat should be allowed to concentrate on his batting. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 AB de Villiers should bat higher up the order For Summary : AB de Villiers should make the most of his talent.<br />Against Summary : AB should concentrate on strategy. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Jaydev Unadkat should be a regular in the Indian ODI team For Summary : Unadkat has impressed in his maiden ODI series<br />Against Summary : Unadkat must work on his game so he is ready 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Zaheer Khan should be included in the Test side. For Summary : Zaheer is the backbone of India’s bowling attack in Tests<br />Against Summary : Zaheer must prove himself in Ranji Trophy 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Should cricket at the domestic level be recognized as much as at the national level? For Summary : Early recognition can motivate young cricketers to do better in future<br />Against Summary : The domestic grind separates good players from great players 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Vinay Kumar should get a chance in ODIs against Australia For Summary : Vinay needs time to settle down in the bowling attack<br />Against Summary : Vinay's best is not good enough 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Does India miss the left-arm pace of Zaheer Khan in ODIs? For Summary : Zaheer's experience is a handy contributor to the team's success.<br />Against Summary : The selectors have to plan for the future. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Unadkat should be a part of India's Test squad in SA For Summary : Unadkat has a very good chance of filling the left-arm fast bowler's slot in future.<br />Against Summary : Jaydev Unadkat has to hold his own in a variety of conditions against batting line ups strong and weak. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 The new ODI rules are harsh on bowlers For Summary : With only 4 fielders outside the circle, bowlers are in for serious pasting<br />Against Summary : Bowlers who fail to adapt are doomed 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Virat Kohli should move to No.4 in Tests For Summary : There couldn't have been a better contender for the No.4 spot than Kohli.<br />Against Summary : There are many contenders to the no.4 slot 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Indians take more time to adapt to foreign conditions For Summary : Lack of practice games doesn't help when playing pace and bounce<br />Against Summary : India rarely get the luxury of practice matches 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 RCB should utilize all 5 retention slots For Summary : Optimum retention will ensure the core group remains untouched<br />Against Summary : Play smart and make room for talent 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 India should concentrate on building a strong pool of bowlers For Summary : Poor bowling has cost Team India many a game<br />Against Summary : Hard knock life for bowlers in a batsman's world 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Virat Kohli should lead India in the World T20 For Summary : It is time to groom Virat <br />Against Summary : Kohli needs some time to mature as a batsman first. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 IPL needs bowling friendly pitches and rules to balance the contest For Summary : The ''batsman's game'' tag needs to go<br />Against Summary : Time for bowlers to toughen up 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 AB de Villiers should bat at No.4 for SA in Tests For Summary : Level-headed AB fits the bill<br />Against Summary : AB must empower his batsmen 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Parthiv Patel should be given a run as India's back-up keeper For Summary : Parthiv fits the role perfectly<br />Against Summary : India has better alternatives 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Vijay Zol should open for RCB alongside Chris Gayle in IPL 7 For Summary : Time to test his potential<br />Against Summary : Top order needs experience 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 RCB should have rotated spinners more in India For Summary : Spinners have had a bigger say in the second half of IPL 7.<br />Against Summary : RCB’s pace attack is better than it’s spin attack. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Instead of experimenting with new players, India should play its well set players in the series ahead of the World Cup. For Summary : What’s the point of not letting the well-set players practice against international teams ahead of the World Cup?<br />Against Summary : We need experimentation to understand which combinations give us the biggest fighting chances during the World Cup. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 India should rotate pacers every Test to save them for the World Cup For Summary : It isn’t worth risking injuries to our star pacers ahead of the World Cup. <br />Against Summary : You give your best and go for the win, every time. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Batsmen are losing their ability to play spin with the pressures of the modern game For Summary : Batsmen have lost the patience to play spin.<br />Against Summary : It's a young line up which will improve with time. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09 Mitchell Starc should be Australia's new ball strike bowler For Summary : Recent performances prove he is catastrophic for the opposition with the new ball.<br />Against Summary : He’s young, peaking and very close to the top – but just not there yet. 2015-01-25IST22:41:09