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A no holds barred fun chat show where cricket is the flavour but not the main ingredient. Meet your favourite cricketing personalities, as Sidhartha puts them on the hot seat and makes them spill their deepest secrets!

Sidhartha Mallya

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Enjoy with Sidhartha Mallya & Sri Lankan legends we are proud to have in Team RCB - Dilly and Murali!

A brilliant insight into the journeys of TM Dilshan and Muttiah Muralitharan on NO BOUNDARIES Ep.7!

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Featured photos
Sidhartha Mallya during launch of Green Jersey
Sidhartha Mallya during launch of Green Jersey
Chris Gayle and Sidhartha Mallya
Chris Gayle and Sidhartha Mallya
Sidhartha Mallya elated with the win
Sidhartha Mallya elated with the win
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Fun Moments
  • Tips on how to dress cool.
    Wear what you're comfortable in. Do not copy anyone.
  • What to order when on a date.
    Find out what your date does not like or specially likes.
  • Where to take a girl on a date.
    Anywhere. Perfect balance of spending time together for both of you - to lounge and then a bar.
  • How to be an impressive on the first date.
    Be yourself. Don't be someone else. Just don't pretend.
  • Pick-up lines to use and NOT-TO use.
    No pick up line for me. But please don't use those cheesy ones where they say "Are your legs tired, you have been running on my mind". It's a total turn off. That sounds raw. Tell me one girl who will be impressed by that pick up line. Never.
  • Books
    Harry Potter, or Dan Brown's the Lost Symbol because I have a mace in myself so I can relate to that book very well.
  • Friends
    Ashish, Edward
  • Hangout place
    Pubs in England, because I can go there with a group of friends, dressed as I am and drink happily and quietly.
  • Food
    Sushi, Lamb chops, butter chicken, butter naan and curry daal. I like Indian and Japanese food.
  • Vacation place
    Barcelona or the south of France. I prefer heat to cold. If you go to England, you can't get away from the cold.
  • Tattoo
    I'll describe the one on my back. It's a star. The two top points of the star represent the two bull horns. And at the bottom it says SM. The two horns are the bull horns because I was born in May. So it's a Tauras. The bottom of my tattoo is V so SVM.
  • Music
    Anything. Depends on my mood. Pop, rock, guitar music, bit of jazz, Tamil music tunes
  • Movies
    Iron man, Sherlock Homes, Tropic thunder, Friends with benefits, No strings attached
  • Actors
    Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr. Films
  • Gadgets
    BB, iPhone, iPad
  • Games
    Hockey, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby
  • TV show
    Modern Family, Big bang theory, How I Met Your Mother, Community, Orange County: that was because of school and everything. But I'm old school. I love all those comic book stuff.