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  • dont angry me!

  • ha ha funny!

  • yeah le!

  • yeah dosti hum nahi chodenge!

  • mere paas yellow ball hai, tumhare paas kya hai?


  • Dhoom 3? take that

  • bowling at the 6th off stump?

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5 Startling things that could happen when Gayle blasts it out of the park.
  • Bangalore traffic cops get relief from managing traffic! PS: Chris Gayle is blasting it out of the park!
  • A meteorite shower in April-May!
  • Breaking news: SG gets huge demand for their white leather balls, as Chris Gayle keeps hitting them out of the park never to be found again!
  • A Gayle storm of white balls seen in bangalore
  • Missing Malaysian Plane found in the bay of Bengal when authorities tried to locate the distance ball hit by Chris Gayle