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  • i kno u ppl enjoyed it

  • one ship that never sinks"friendship"

  • twisters of rcb

  • swin wizard

  • wow ....love the weather in bangalore


  • what do u mean by a normal shot...lol m de villier

  • brace ur self....its gayle's

 Play list

5 Spectacular dance moves that AB can convert into outrageous strokes!
  • sleeping drive - wanna see AB rest his back on the floor and try to scoop the ball behind the wicket
  • street shot-AB just clears his wicket moves to his left,changes his stance and bating hand and then lofts it over off side
  • psy shot-dnt kno how he will convert this move in to a shot ....but definitely wanna see this type of shot .....
  • knuckle kracker shot-played of a bouncer to clear the boundary
  • smiling return ....played for a yocker ...behind the keeper ..with a smile on the face