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The contest now stands closed. We will be announcing the winner shortly


  • These are the scripts for the next song, AB!

  • Long hard drive. Save it for the matches!

  • Yellow, that's the hated CSK colour! Hit 'em!

  • All the way up and then down!

  • AB: You bat and I bowl?


  • Next time, I'll be playing left handed!

  • Hope it hits a West Indian board official!

 Play list

5 Startling things that could happen when Gayle blasts it out of the park.
  • Bangalorean Rahul Dravid will be livid if the ball hits his 'Disciplined Road Driving' boards on the cubbon park side! He may withdraw his no honking campaign, feeling it's better to get a warning from the motorists if the balls fly out so often.
  • Karnataka may scrap the plan to have three adjoining grounds at the new Alur facility and make one big one! Only then will balls not get lost and the match continue without time loss!
  • The MCC committee at Lords may ask for consent from the Queen to make cricket grounds twice as large, thereby forsaking 200 years of British culture in cricket! See, they've already had a preliminary meeting!
  • Legendary baseballer Babe Ruth may rise from the grave and wished he had played cricket alongside Chris at RCB
  • Arch rivals CSK's skipper Dhoni may suggest all Chinnaswamy Stadium matches be played at the Chidambaram Stadium Chennai's flat deck in exchange for all the Kaveri river water for Karnataka!