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  • finally got gayle out in the nets!!

  • thank god, hes in my team (both think the same)

  • please score more, i want to flight the ball more

  • is there any innovative way to sign autographs?

  • i am not bowling to kohli!!!


  • you thought yorker was unplayable?

  • 2 wickets fell, should i play defensive?

 Play list

5 Startling things that could happen when Gayle blasts it out of the park.
  • The ball lands on the windshield of one of the cars in the parking lot, as a result the alarm of that car goes off which has an impact on other cars. In the next 15 seconds, alarms of all cars go off. So not only did the DJ play music, even the cars played music on Gayle's 6.
  • A guy in the stands takes a diving catch of one of the many hits by Gayle, seeing his talent one of his female friends got impressed by him, a week later they go out their first date.
  • Gayle's hit lands on the roof, a pigeon picks the ball and flies with it. It stops right on top of Gayle and drops the ball on him, Gayle again hits it out of the park, everybody looks at the pigeon, it claps and then goes and gets the ball back for Gayle to hit it again.
  • Gayle's six hit the live instruments kept for the amusement of the crowd, the ball hits the drum first, then the piano and finally the drums again before rolling off the floor. The sound created by the ball's impact on the instrument inspires a musician, who ends up creating a hit song based on that tune.
  • The impact of Gayle's hit is so strong, that the ball gets embedded in the ground of one of the stands.