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  • one can turn the bowl other turn the match

  • one for my captain one for me

  • wait for my turn

  • i win match as well as hearts

  • now bowl will turn in all areas


  • you miss it i hit it

  • yupp you got it right

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5 Insane ways to cheer for the men in Red, Gold and Blue!
  • "I cheer on 2 occasions: Day and Night" I will paint my home red, gold and blue! to celebrt my fav team. even will wear only these colors, i ll paint my body red, gold n blue with big RCB flag like Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary whos body painted in the national colours of India
  • "Hands on your hips, a smile on your lips, spirit in your heart, we’re ready to start!" i will dance like this whenever RCB gonna play
  • "Fly high, do or die, dare to dream, cheer extreme!" i ll serve KINGFISHER beer whenever GAYLE will send the bowl out of the stadium will donate money to poor people whenevr team will win
  • "Eat, Sleep, Cheer, and Repeat." i ll not to talk to my GF whole IPL series (yep you hear it right). I ll not login in my FB account. and i ll convience CSK, MI, DD, SRH, KKR, KXIP, and RR fans to become RCB fans i think its enough yar....
  • "When life begins to shed a tear, just perk up and say a cheer" i ll out my home theatre on roof with big screen projector and will invite all my friends, neighbours to cheer for RCB even i ll distribute RCB merchandise to all of them to celebret my team everywhere in every game.