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  • OOPS!! It's about to hit that Satellite

  • WOW!!!! That was as straight as an arrow

  • wanna hangout with me?????

  • welcome to the team

  • how's this for a pose!!!!!


  • We got yuvraj,be scared teams , be very scared

  • gotta add this shot to my book of weird shots!!!

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5 Startling things that could happen when Gayle blasts it out of the park.
  • All planes from/to Bangalore to be delayed by three hours as the ballsi hit by chris gayle could hit the aeroplane!!!!
  • Hey Look another ball coming out of Bangalore!!!!!!
  • BREAKING NEWS : Gayle's hit ball punctures the sky causing heavy downpour at the silicon city!!!!!
  • Gayle injures 6 people at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium with his SIXES!!!!
  • BREAKING NEWS : Chris Gayle's six-hit ball launched into orbit,Declared as the first fully manually powered satelite launch!!!!