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The contest now stands closed. We will be announcing the winner shortly


  • Unknown names are the ones to come in limelight.

  • Murali and AB share light moment on field

  • The spinners posing together!

  • "Yuvi Yuvi Yuvi!" Gayle and Kohli meet Yuvi!

  • Catches win matches- so Murali practices them too.


  • Wet outfield- Worlds no 1 bowler bowling?

  • I dont know who you are but I'll come to you and..

 Play list

5 Startling things that could happen when Gayle blasts it out of the park.
  • Chinnaswamy goes mad- absolutely mad! And needless to mention, spectators will search for ball so that it isn't coming their way! Red flags up in the air and the echo starts "Arrrrrrr Ceeeeeee Beeeeeeeee.... Arrrrrrrr Ceeeee Beeeeeee"
  • Danny Morrisson speaks out "Oooooooo and there you go!! DLF Maximum from the man who is famous for it!!!"
  • White Mischief Gals start shaking their sexy curves to the one sexy beat- We're game we're game game for more!"
  • Opponent bowler either laughs or gets frustrated- in disappointed note. The opponent skipper goes to him and taps his shoulder pouring in some form of encouragement.
  • The man himself is stable! A grin on his face and places his bat between legs. adjusts his gloves and opens his arms wide open and gives a strong jerk to his sleeves.to make sure his full sleeves aren't stucking up his arms. Yes- ready for next challenge!