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Dipen Shah

Dipen Shah

This ardent and avid Challenger is always on the lookout for new stories to share with you. His faith in Kohli is unyielding. And he swears he could go to war with the RCB captain by his side.

The season of dreams!

Sun, 29th, May 2016

We started off from the bottom and now we’re in the final! It’s been an indescribable journey so far - the team making it through injuries, lost tosses and games to come out smiling, confident and...

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Don't worry about me | An AB-Danielle cover!

Sat, 28th, May 2016

Watch AB and his better half Danielle serenade each other with their soulful and melodious cover of Frances!...

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When you say nothing at all | AB ft. Danielle de Villiers

Fri, 27th, May 2016

AB and his wife performed a splendid cover of Ronan Keating's ‘When you say nothing at all’ for us! Sit yourself comfortably, put on your headphones and relax to the soothing voices of the couple!...

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RCB Insider Show 2.0 | Watto jams with Nags!

Thu, 26th, May 2016

Shane Watson talks to the RCB Insider about making #Peas with Chris Gayle, what he does with his 9.5 crows and how he wooed his wife. To top it off, he even jams with Nags!...

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