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6 best lines from Chris Gayle’s book Six Machine: I Don't Like Cricket ... I Love It

Sat, 10th, Sep 2016 |
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Here are 6 of the most entertaining lines Chris has delivered in his trademark style in his book, Six Machine: I Don't Like Cricket ... I Love It

You need no introduction to Chris Gayle. But you still need to read his book Six Machine in which Chris talks about his journey from Jamaica into the hearts of fans all over the world. We’ve been blessed to have him as one of our own. 

In his passionate book Chris takes you into his world and his mind. As cricket’s most chilled out yet consistently dangerous batsmen he has given people things to talk about and made them shut up with his hitting. All the while entertaining us and giving a lot of reasons to love him. 

He won’t hesitate to pull short balls on the field and he didn’t hesitate to pull his punches in his book. Here are 6 of the most entertaining lines Chris has delivered in his trademark style in his book, Six Machine: I Don't Like Cricket ... I Love It which is available in stores and online in India

  1. You don’t know Chris Gayle
    “You think you know Chris Gayle. World Boss. The Six Machine. Destroyer of bowlers, demolisher of records, king of the party scene. You are right. You are also wrong. I am complicated. I am all you see and much more you don’t….”
  2. I’ve done it all
    “I’m a man who can grind out a Test triple century and then do it again, a man who on a different day can smash 100 runs off 30 balls. I have hit more T20 sixes than any other man in history; I have stood invincible on a ground for two days while every one of my team-mates fell. I’ve opened a strip bar in my own house; I have started a foundation for poor kids in my home city. Complicated.”
  3. The first man to do it all 
    “The Tsar of T20, the boss of the boundary boards. I’ve been called a pioneer, and I’ll take that word, even though I’d put it another way: I’m a legend. Most people wouldn’t call themselves that, but I think I am great. Put it more simply: I am great. The things I’ve done, trus’ mi. Serious things I’ve done.”
  4. Because I'm the only man who could do it
     “There are things only I can get away with. No one else would even try them.  Hitting Matthew Hoggard for six fours in an over. Hitting 37 off a single over in the IPL. A century off 30 balls, another one on one leg. If Zlatan Ibrahimovic were a cricketer, it’s the sort of thing he would be trying.”
  5. I can't go wrong
    “I don’t have disasters. I don’t have gambles that don’t look good. If you check my dressing, I feel whatever I pull on I can pull off. It’s the confidence I have in myself. You just give me whatever, I’ll make it look good.”
  6. I love you back
    “On Instagram, I will ‘like’ a lot of pictures. I will ‘like’ pictures of different women, because sometimes you will get a reply that says ,’You make my day, you make my day.’ Everybody has feelings. And when those likes are coming from a superstar, maybe it does feel something different.”

    Bonus - The world is not enough for Chris Gayle
    “Sometime I look at my ‘World Boss’ nickname, and I like it. Other time I look at it, and I look what I have achieved in the game, and I think, how about ‘Universe boss’?”
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