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Bold Army in Red Wedding!

Tue, 14th, Feb 2017 |
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They come, they cheer and they conquer our hearts. RCB and IPL seasons in Bengaluru are incomplete without the support given to us by the fans who constitute the Bold army! 

The season may have ended but the Bold army is always there for RCB and importantly, for each other. Recently a group of our hardcore fans had an off-season meet up at the wedding of one Bold army member, Arjun Gowda. And what else would they attend the ceremony in but their favourite RCB jerseys! 

Some of these Bold Army members have been college friends while some of them have been colleagues in the workspace. This was their first off season meetup while they do not fail to miss a single game during the Indian Premier League.

These fans have supported RCB through every medium possible. Last year, a few Bold Army members started a social media campaign and a page which read 'I bleed RCB.' They started hosting Fan events, Fan meet ups and pulled off 3 successful shows. 

Bold Army member Arjun Gowda said that, "It (Bold Army) has been a great initiative." He also disclosed the reason for his mates wearing the jersey to the wedding.

"I invited them to the wedding and they asked me if they could wear the jersey to the wedding. These guys wanted the occasion to be memorable and yes, it was a very special moment for me to see them actually wear the RCB colors to my wedding."

With IPL 10 just around the corner, the Bold Army is ready to make noise and chant AAR-CEE-BEE! Are you ready too? 

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