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Health and Fitness

Sun, 10th, Mar 2019 |
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More than half of India's population is under 25, yet we're still considered as one of the most unfit countries in the world. Why?

Hours upon hours spent hunched over laptops and phones has resulted in a surge of easily preventable diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. These "revolutionary" technological advances have been beneficial yet completely detrimental to our health. As society is hurtling towards a totally sedentary lifestyle, we are unable to see the impact that it's having on our quality of life.

Earlier, there was no choice but to physically move for extensive periods in order to get any work done. Now? There's Uber for your travels, Swiggy for your food, and Netflix for your entertainment. All of which come right to your door. There's even Urban Clap for basically everything else. An individual could potentially spend indefinite amounts of time with barely any physical activity. Convenient? Yes. But at what cost?

Chronic back pain used to be a result of your body's deterioration as age caught up to you. Instead, millions of people are now facing this ailment due to full work days spent sitting for hours on end with the incorrect posture. Combine this with the lack of sleep and lack of physical activity outside of work, and you've got a complete lifestyle disorder.

The good news? It's not too late to make a change. While some people see fitness as just a way to look better aesthetically, we're trying to promote how important it is to start reintroducing functional physical activity into your daily life in order to get healthier. Over time, people are slowly beginning to understand that working out isn't just for losing weight. It's a preventative measure that everyone should be taking no matter their physical size or shape. It can be as simple as a child riding their bike or a grandparent doing basic stretches for a short while every day.

In the last decade, the demand for fitness services and products has increased drastically. Companies are starting to motivate their employees to look at fitness as a way to destress after a long day,  instead of as another chore to complete.

This fitness revolution is enabling society to leada healthier life.The benefits of which include: a higher immunity against diseases, increased energy, less risk of injury, a better sex life, healthier weight, and stronger mental health. Quite notably, a healthy population is extremely valuable to any country. A stronger society leads to increased productivity, less dependency on medication for diseases that can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle, and overall motivation.

It's time to become self aware and take time out of your schedule to hit the gym regularly, sleep more, and follow a healthier diet. Health and fitness go hand in hand. If you aren't prioritizing your sleep, nutrition and physical activity through the day, then youaren't prioritizing yourself.

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