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Here's Why You Should Consider Adopting an Adult Dog

Tue, 16th, Apr 2019 |
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One of the most common misconceptions that people believe today is that you can only form a true bond with your pet if you've had him or her since puppyhood. This is far from the truth and is generally why people overlook adult pets in shelters and go straight for the pups. Here we have put together a few reasons why we think you shouldn't write off bringing home an adult doggie.

You skip the teething phase

The 'teething phase' is that time when a pup's new, adult teeth are coming in. At this time, you'll notice that they will chew on just about anything they can get their teeth on! By bringing home an adult doggie (who will already have their adult teeth), you'll completely bypass the teething phase!

Not as many demands on your time

While a pup needs a lot of care, frequent feeding, and training, adults are easier to cater to. They will need only two or three meals a day (depending on what your nutritionist advises you) and they'll be housetrained already so as long as you take them out for regular potty breaks, you should manage just fine.

Great for Working families

Dogs love routine. So, once you bring an adult pet home, it should be easier to get them hooked on to your routine. This consistency will also help them settle in. Adult dogs are good with being left at home for a few hours when you are at work. The Freagles of India project, particularly, has had success in rehoming adult dogs with this segment.

You're signing up for a loyal companion

It is in a dog's nature to be forgiving and they are known for giving humans many second chances. Adult rescues come with their own stories that generally are far from happy. But once you've earned their trust, you will be hard pressed to find a more loyal companion. We find that a little empathy and kindness goes a long way.

While adult dogs don't come with a 'clean slate' they want nothing more than to be with a person who can give them a safe life. There are several thousand happy adoption stories that prove that adult dogs bond wonderfully with adoptive families, but before the happy ending, you should be prepared to work with your dog to iron out any behavioural issues that are the result of previous irresponsible ownership.

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