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How Can You Make This Summer Easier On Your Pet?

Wed, 3rd, Apr 2019 |
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How Can You Make This Summer Easier On Your Pet?

When summer comes around, we have all sorts of ways to deal with it. From stocking the fridge with juices to eating lighter meals and switching to more comfortable outfits, people can do a lot to beat the heat. With their thick coats of fur, our pets need as much help as they can get to get through the summer. Here are a few things you can do for them –

Walk when the day is cooler
Summer sunshine heats up roads and pavements much faster. Since your pet doesn't wear shoes, the hot ground can be difficult to walk on. Changing their walk times to early in the morning and after the sun has set in the evenings will keep them from hurting their paws. If you want to check the temperature of the street, step on it barefoot. If it is too hot for you, it is too hot for them.

Spend the afternoon in
If your pet generally lazes around outdoors, it's best to keep them in for summer afternoons when the sun is at its brightest. If your dog is not keen on afternoon naps, let them play with a puzzle or give them a chew to keep them occupied. If you're taking your pet out, don't leave them in the car. Cars heat up very quickly and will feel like an oven soon. Leaving them in there can be fatal.

Summer trim
At the beginning of the warm season, your pet will be shedding his winter coat and growing a lighter summer one. Brush your pet regularly to get rid of the shed fur. This will help keep your pet cooler. You may be tempted to shave your pet but doing this will leave your dog's skin exposed to the sun and putting him at the risk of sunburn. Shaving also damages the coat and it won't grow back as nicely as before. Getting your groomer to trim the coat for the summer is a good option.

Summer treats
The best part of summer is being able to indulge in cool treats! Since regular ice creams are not good for your dog, you can make a treat with yogurt. Just pop some in a popsicle mould and freeze it. To make it more flavourful, you can add a few blueberries, bananas or apple pieces, dog-friendly peanut butter or even cooked meat before freezing.

Make sure your pet is drinking enough water, they can get dehydrated pretty quickly in the summer. Adding water or broth to your pet's meals to ensure that they get their quota of fluids every day. If it suits your pet's tummy, a cool drink of buttermilk will also help.

Swimming is an excellent way to expend energy on hot days. Take your pet to the closest doggie pool and let them cool off in the water. Make sure to take the necessary precautions and have the right doggie swimming gear before you let them dive in.  Be sure to dry them off completely once they're done with water play!

Put a Water Bowl Out
Every animal gets thirsty and in the summer, water is scarce. With each summer being worse than the previous, strays need all the help they can get. Putting a bowl of water out for the strays of your neighbourhood will really help dogs, cats, birds and even cows! Replace the water in the bowl every day so you can offer the creatures of your neighbourhood a cool, refreshing drink of water.


-By Ridhima Coelho from Heads Up For Tails

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