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How to Choose the Best Bed for Your Pet

Tue, 7th, May 2019 |
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Adult dogs need between 12-14 hours of sleep every day. Young pups and senior dogs need even more. So, it's important to get your pet a comfortable spot for a snooze. Here, we're going to go over a few key points to keep in mind to buy the right bed for your pet -

Puppy beds: For young pups who have not yet been potty trained, we suggest you get something that can be washed easily. Preferably with removable covers.

Pups and kittens like small beds where they can curl up and feel safe.

Sleeping position: By the time your doggies grow up into adults you will have noticed that they have a favourite sleeping position. For instance, some dogs like to stretch out and lounger beds are ideal for this. Others love to curl up into a ball prefer donut shaped beds.Some dogs like to rest their heads on an elevated surface like a pillow so you can get one with that accessory.

Right size: Just like any other accessory, you should get the right sized bed for your dogs. For this, measure your pets from nose tip to tail end in their sleeping position. Then add 6 inches and you have the measurement that the bed should be. This ensures that your pet is not cramped and has a bed that's just big enough to feel cosy.

Senior doggies: Many senior doggies suffer from arthritis or joint pains. This makes it extremely difficult for them to climb up or jump down. So getting an orthopaedic bed for senior pets is a great way to keep them comfortable. These beds are specially designed to suit their needs – they are low-lying and easy to get on. Their firm but soft mattress offers joint support and the covers come off so they can be washed. This is useful especially if your senior pet suffers from incontinence.

Pet mats: Pet mats can be rolled up and taken with you. You can lay them out on the car seat, your bed or the floor. So your pet always has a soft spot to nap. These are also easy to wash and fit well in your pet's crate. Crate training: It's a good idea to introduce your pet to a crate when they're young. It gives your pet enough time to get used to it and travelling becomes that much easier. Make the crate inviting and cosy to sleep in by adding a pet mat and a couple of your pet's favourite toys. Leave the door open so they don't feel trapped. Only once your pet is completely comfortable should you close the door. Speak to a positive reinforcement trainer for more detailed information. It's never a good idea to force your pet into the crate and shut the door, they are likely to panic and be traumatised by the experience.

Removable sofa beds: Does your pet insist on sleeping on your couch? Look into getting removable sofa beds to cover your couch with. These are designed to look aesthetic and will protect your upholstery from dog fur.

Blankets: In the winter some dogs feel the cold more than others (especially senior pets). Adding a soft, comfortable blanket is a good way to keep them warm and cosy. Like everyone else, it is important for your pets to have a space of their own. Beds and crates provide them with this safe spot that's just for them. Getting a bed that suits your pet's sleeping ­­­position and personality makes it that much better.

 - Ridhima Coelho, Director, Heads Up For Tails

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