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It's time to take the RCB fangirls seriously!

Mon, 11th, Mar 2019 |
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When it comes to cricket or any major sports, men are often considered as the die hard fans. But over the years, even women have taken a liking for the gentleman's game. And no, it's not just popular stereotypes about them being interested in only the attractive star cricketers, the female fans are just as passionate and committed to the sport and the clubs as the men. 


We caught up with Wafa Aga, a student from Bengaluru, who is also an RCB fanatic since its inception in 2008. She helps busts some myths and proves that #ItsHerGameToo.


The best thing about watching an RCB match in the stadium

EXPECTATION: People that RCB fan girls watch the match at the stadium only to see all players especially Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers. And maybe, even to appear on television and to show off that she went for a match.

REALITY: For me, RCB is not just a team, but an emotion. True RCBians, like me watch the match not only to see the team play but to support and cheer for them. RCB is by itself the most entertaining team of IPL. Entertaining is not only the best part of RCB but the team effort and spirits drive each fan to watch the match at the stadium for sure. Every six they hit. Every wicket they take. Every single Mexican wave that happens ... the Chinnaswamy stadium is almost like my second home.


AB de Villiers and Veda Krishnamurthy tell you why #ItsHerGameToo.

Girls can never follow cricket and its myraid rules.

EXPECTATION: Girls follow the sport only superficially, that too to because of the good looking players, and at the most enjoy the sixes and fours. Most of the girls  are forced to watch a match at home because of their dad and brothers. 

REALITY: My parents have been following cricket since ages. Even as a toddler, I put in a lot of efforts to understand and follow the game and  the different formats. With the advent of IPL, I even started following RCB keenly. As a kid wearing an RCB jersey, waving the flag and screaming RCB chants has been my best memory. 

Who is your favourite RCB player? Why?

EXPECTATION: Girls like Virat Kohli only because he is very stylish and looks good.

REALITY: The entire RCB team is the best for me. But if I have to choose one player, it will be Virat Kohli. And no, not for his looks, but for his dedication and passion towards the game. I'm crazy about his cover drives. He is the No.1 ODI player for a reason. A real game changer, he is not only a good batsman but also a very reliable leader. As a captain he knows his weakness and strength and can thereby guide the team accordingly. All this goes without saying as he himself has proved it to all of us. 

I love him for his dedication. How can one forget that he scored a century against Kings XI Punjab in 2016 despite having stitches on his hand.

Which RCB bowler would you choose to bowl in a Super Over and why?
Without any hesitation I would pick Umesh Yadav as the perfect bowler for a Super Over. Umesh Yadav is the fastest Indian bowler with his top speed being 152.5 kmph. When he bowls it looks like lightning has just struck and it can be as destroy the batsman's plans. He is a pace bowler who attacks the stumps and not the edges. He's got that raw talent, good pace and can generate good bounce. He's got a lot going for him at the moment with RCB.He has taken most wickets in RCB this current IPL 2018. 

He already has more than 100 ODI wickets and a cumulative of 200+ wickets for India across all formats. Umesh Yadav can be the most destructive bowler in a Super Over cause he is a wicket taker.

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