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One and Half

Tue, 16th, Apr 2019 |
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This one's personal, it's close to my heart. Growing up, when my friends would have their parents playing cricket with us occasionally, it was my mom who would come and play with us. She'd always be the first to pick up the bat and run out with us when we decided to play.

When you're a child in India wanting to play cricket, it's usually your father who steps out with you, tells you how to hold the bat and how to whack a ball around. Instead, I had my mother teaching me the basics.

It would be kind of odd at times, I will admit. But when I grew older, I realised how cool it was. Here was a woman, who loved her cricket and did all she can to make sure that she could - at least for a while- put aside her duties to enjoy the sport.

She'd tell me how much she loved watching cricket but didn't have enough time to any longer (these days she does watch RCB games though and is even following me on this app. Hi mom!) And it would always make me wonder: have we thought about how much the women around us love and enjoy watching cricket?

So the next time you're enjoying watching your team play, maybe get the amazing women in your family to take a break from their work, sit together and enjoy the match. I guarantee you that you will find a new dimension to the game as well as your relationship with the Divas in your life.


-By Nishtha Kanal  

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