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Royal Challengers Vice President Russell Adams' Quarterly Letter to RCB Fans

Wed, 13th, Jul 2016 |
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Royal Challengers Vice President Russell Adams' Quarterly Letter to RCB Fans

What a landmark IPL 2016 season! Like me, I’m sure you are all very proud of the way Team RCB performed - entertaining, focused, bold and, this year, finalists! 

Thank you for your loyal support leading up to and during IPL 2016. It was certainly a special season.

Which of the many touch points that brought the brand purpose PLAYBOLD and LIVE BOLD to life did you experience? 

  • Did you enjoy our refreshed brand look & feel, reflected in a new logo and new team kit? 
  • Did you sing along to the new RCB Team Anthem?
  • Did you experience the #PLAYBOLD campaign in action by:  
  1. Viewing the magnificent sites and sounds from the BOLD BOX? 
  2. Being part of our BOLD ARMY, or simply enjoying their BOLD behavior? 
  3. Attending an event at BOLD HQ: Church Street Social and Social at Whitefield? 

I’m sure you can answer “Yes” to many of the above. 

A proud member of United Spirits (A Diageo Group Company), RCB exists for our fans. We want to be the best for our fans, inspire them to succeed in their personal endeavors and celebrate life, everyday, everywhere.

The Royal Challenge brand is all about igniting in our fans and customers the spirit of taking on life and adventure and inspiring them to, like our players, seize the right opportunities at the right moments, be bold and game for life. 

IPL 2016 was in many ways a new beginning for RCB. It confirmed that with a supportive Board, State Association, Sponsors, Service Providers, Vendors and loyal fans, we certainly have the potential to be the most trusted, admired and respected T20 cricket franchise in the world.  

As always, we drew valuable lessons from the season to help us strengthen and fine-tune the RCB machine going forward. In the words of our MD & CEO Mr Anand Kripalu: “While we appreciate the great work, we also know that a lot more has to be done. We need to challenge ourselves even more. At every step, we must ask: “what are the changes we need to make today, so that tomorrow can be better?

With this in mind, we invite your constructive feedback and input on your experiences as an RCB fan during IPL 2016 – both on and off the field. Email your inputs and ideas to

We will continue to raise the bar as we take all things RCB to even greater heights in 2017 and beyond.  Thank you for your ongoing support. Your blood runs red, black and gold and we are proud to have you as part of the RCB family.


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