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Summer Games for Your Pet

Tue, 2nd, Apr 2019 |
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Summer Games for Your Pet

With soaring temperatures and strong sunshine, pets and people are forced to take cover indoors for a good chunk of the day. Keeping your pet outdoors in these impossible temperatures can cause them to overheat and may even give them a heat stroke. Then, how do you keep your pet exercised and entertained in the summer? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Interactive toys: The best way to keep a doggy entertained indoors is with an interactive toy. You can pick any puzzle from Nina Ottosson or even use some DIY games. These get your pet to use their little grey cells and give them much needed mental stimulation. You'll notice that at the end of these games, your pet will be tired and probably want to nap. Let them play on a cooling mat for pets to really beat the heat.
  2. Play with them: With a few training treats, you can have an entertaining afternoon with your pet. Hide yourself and have them 'seek' you or hide the treats around the room and have them sniff and find them. You're not only keeping your pet occupied in a productive way but this is also a great way to bond with your dog.
  3. Freeze their treats: If you generally give them a fruit snack in the middle of the day, in the summer consider freezing their treat with a little yogurt or even in water. If you just pour cut fruit and yogurt/water into a popsicle mold for a few hours, these icy treats are ready! Remove the popsicle stick before you give it to your dog and supervise as they enjoy it. They will love licking the treat down to a stub. Alternatively, you can give them icy games like the Chill Out Ice Ball Cruncher.
  4. Chews: Safe chews like the Yakies or rope toys are another way to have them expend some energy. Chewing de-stresses your dog and helps them unwind. It can be done indoors and is a great way to earn yourself a quiet afternoon. You can keep an eye on your pet as he or she chews away while you catch up on your reading.
  5. Selective Outdoor Play: Make the most of cool summer mornings and late evenings. When the sun is not as strong as it is in the late morning or afternoon, spend time outdoors. Take your pet for walks or to the dog park so they don't miss out on physical exercise.
  6. A note of caution: If you're used to driving around town with them, then make sure your car is ventilated or you have the air conditioner on. Do not ever leave your pet locked in the car or put them in the boot of your car. Boots don't have any ventilation you will be leaving them with very limited air supply. Also, in this heat, it will be like leaving your pet in a hot oven and can be fatal for your pet.


Summertime is a precarious season for most breeds and besides making sure that they stay hydrated you should also be careful about their daily activities. Dogs with thick coats like pugs are prone to heat strokes so make sure you keep them in cool space with a cooler on if necessary. If you have a Husky or a St.Bernard or any breed that is not built for this climate, do take necessary precautions to keep them cool.

- Rashi Sanon Narang from Heads Up For Tails

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