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Tips to Go Green this Dasara!

Tue, 11th, Oct 2016 |
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Dasara is in full swing and it is a time of celebration across India. Families and friends come together to observe traditions. While we enjoy the festivities, it is important to remember to celebrate responsibly with the environment in mind. Here are a few tips on how you can lead the way and enjoying an eco-friendly Dasara with your loved ones!

  1. Use eco-friendly idols 
    Use traditional clay idols which are painted with natural colours instead of non bio-degradable plaster of Paris idols which are painted with toxic chemical paints.
  2. Use eco-friendly decoration and recycling
    For decoration, use eco-friendly material such as papers, flowers and wood or cardboard instead of harmful material such as thermocol or plastic. You can recycle by using these decoration materials for your garden as compost.
  3. Use energy saving lightings
    Opt for CFL lightings to brighten up your home and locality instead of energy-guzzling halogen lamps. Long lasting CFL lights are economical in the long run and will save you from big electricity bills.
  4. Use disposable plates 
    Use plates and bowls made out of biodegradable paper or even better, traditional ones woven out of leaves to distribute sweets and prasad instead of using plastic products.
  5. Use public transport 
    This is a tough one but given the traffic congestion that happens with so many of us visiting friends and family all over the city, giving public transport a go will be a big effort towards a green Dasara. 
  6. Do not use loudspeakers or firecrackers
    Music played at full volume can be stressful for the elderly, infants, pets and patients in a residential colony. Firecrackers too are stressful besides polluting the environment so definitely avoid and discourage the use of too many firecrackers.
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