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Women from across the globe wholeheartedly embrace #ItsHerGameToo

Mon, 11th, Mar 2019 |
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Royal Challengers Bangalore has always been a team with a very strong fan base around globally. Unlike age-old beliefs, it's not only the men who are die-hard fans of cricket, but it's also the women who form a major section of the fan base. RCB has been very vocal about both their female and male fans and comes up with a lot of content dedicated to their special fans.


In order to promote the involvement of women in cricket, RCB came up with a very special initiative #ItsHerGameToo. This section is completely dedicated to the women in cricket and the women fans who are truly in love with the game. Over the years, the common perception has been that women cannot understand the intricacies of the game, the way men do and their viewership only accounts for the fact that they watch the game for the attractive cricketers.


The increase in the number of women commentators across the major tournaments like VIVO IPL, BBL and many such tournaments is a testament of the fact that women are as good as their male counterparts when it comes to the understanding of the game. It's just not that, but people are also ill aware about the women's cricket scenario and have no idea how the women's cricket has progressed over the years.


As part of the #ItsHerGameToo initiative, we got our very own women's cricket team player Veda Krishnamurthy to interview AB de Villiers. It was a fun session where AB shed light on his take on the women in cricket and how has women's cricket evolved over the years. The session was also followed by a few questions testing AB's knowledge. Watch the video here:

The video opened to a lot of positive reception with a number of cricketers from the female cricketing fraternity retweeting our post on twitter. Here's a few of the tweets of some personalities who appreciated this initiative by us.

Isa Guha


Mel Jones


Akanksha Kohli


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