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AB opens up on life after retirement

Tue, 10th, Jul 2018 |
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There were a lot of hooplas that had girdled AB de Villiers' retirement and had stirred up a debate among every cricket lover if it was the right decision to make at this point. The whole world wanted to see him playing one more time in the coming cricket world cup, and maybe even win it for the Proteas and get his hands on this elusive trophy.

While AB had made it clear that he was retiring from all forms of international cricket, his participation in the Indian T20 extravaganza, VIVO IPL was still under a huge cloud of doubt. AB fans in Bengaluru, and in the whole of India were in a state of skepticism.

AB has finally come out and spoken about the love that he receives in Bengaluru, his future plans in cricket, and more.

Speaking to IOL Sports, AB acknowledged the love he receives in India and how Bengaluru is his second home, "Bangalore is a special place, a second home, really. I played my 100th Test there, and obviously, RCB is a massive part of my life. India as a country has taken me in, and it's hard to explain what that feels like. I just play cricket," he added modestly.

When asked about which format he enjoys playing the most, "I love all the formats, and T20 is a lot of fun. It has brought in a new audience, and it has definitely changed our lives as players financially. But the ultimate format is still Test cricket," he maintains.

"I will keep on playing IPL for a few years, and I would like to play for the Titans, and help some of the youngsters. But there are no set plans. I haven't been able to say that for a long time." When asked about his cricketing future, AB cleared the air of uncertainty surrounding his participation in the VIVO IPL and said he will go on for a few more years playing the T20 leagues around the world.

Since his announcement, there have been quite a few offers from across the globe and AB is still thinking over the options. But he states that it'll be nice to wake up and wonder what to do; to be normal.

AB is really enjoying his time off cricket with his family and friends, and it still remains a topic of debate if he took this decision a little too early, but all we know that he's done a lot for his country and there is no denying his passion for the sport and we got to respect his decision.

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