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Chris Gayle's thanks to friends, fans and franchise

Wed, 19th, Apr 2017 |
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He shares the record of hitting two triple centuries in Tests with three other batsmen but the third run of Universe Boss Chris Gayle's eventual 77 on Tuesday night put him in a league of his own – he became the first man to 10,000 runs in T20 cricket.
Gayle spoke on the sidelines during the innings break and after the end of the game, about his batting, the game and all the people he wants to thank for his success.
Here are Chris Gayle's own words after reaching the milestone.

Chris Gayle at the innings break

On his knock and getting to 10,000 runs
It was great fun, It's good to be back, wanted this badly but first of all to get 10,000 runs was actually was on my mind so I'm glad that I'm getting that sort of achievement. It's a privilege to be the first person to get 10,000 T20 runs. 

Hopefully I can continue entertaining the fans. To be able to get 77 runs tonight, it's fantastic and hopefully we can finish off with a win. That will actually make it more special.
(RCB did win and Chris was adjudged the Man of the Match)

Was he aware of the 10,000 run landmark?
Yeah Samuel Badree did remind me. He said that Chris, only 3 more runs to go, make sure you get them. It was playing on my mind a bit, but once I got across the line I said listen, it's time to have a go. Then eventually it paid off so I'm really happy to actually get the runs. 

On hitting sixes like a bully, his sprinkles celebration and RCB's batting performance
I am large man. What are you talking about, I am a large man. It's fantastic. I have a great bat, the Spartan bat, put a bit of salt on it as well so that was very very special. 
I thought Virat batted well, we had a great partnership. Kedar Jadhav and Travis Head finished off well for us. Hopefully the bowlers can utilize this wicket, variation is actually key on this wicket as well.

Did he sprinkle gold dust on his bat too?
Oh I'd love that for sure, this will be in an auction you know. The bat with actually 10,000 runs, maybe we can auction it and it can go to charity. So a lucky person out there, you might get a chance to actually get it so look for the Chris Gayle foundation auction. 

What goes through his mind while hitting all these sixes?
It's not premeditated, it just comes naturally to be honest. 

Chris Gayle would like to say to the fans and his family:
I wanna thank them. All the friends and franchises I've actually played with around the world, even playing for West Indies as well, they ended up playing a part in this 10,000 runs as well so I want to thank all the franchises, it's been fantastic and like I said you know, I still have a lot more to offer to the fans. Hopefully I can actually keep entertaining and get a few more thousand runs under my belt.

And I want to say Krisallyna and Natasha, hope you all enjoyed. Love you guys, see you soon in Bangalore. Alright.

Chris Gayle after he received the Man of the Match award:
I like that name Universe Boss. He's back. It feels even better just to be back on the field. Fans want to watch Chris Gayle, it's been fantastic. It all depends on how you feel. Determination is important. A special occasion to reach 10000 runs. 

A lot of guys spoke to me about my stance. Even Shaun Pollock spoke to me about my stance. You're never too old to learn. People still looking out for Chris Gayle. The Universe Boss is still here and still alive.

Quick Stats:

10074: Chris Gayle's run-aggregate in Twenty20 cricket. He became the first player to complete 10000 runs in Twenty20 cricket. 

19: Number of matches after which Chris Gayle won a Man of the Match award in the IPL. His last award had come on May 6, 2015 against Kings XI Punjab. This is the longest wait for a Man of the Match award for Gayle in the IPL.

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