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Watson hoping to extend T20 career

Fri, 14th, Jul 2017 |
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All-rounder Shane Watson quit International cricket after the 2016 World T20 in India but continues to be a massive star in the era of free-lance cricket. Watto played a pivotal role in the Royal Challengers Bangalore during their 2016 journey helping them to the finals.
But lack of regular cricket distanced him from the bunch of other cricketers playing competitive cricket and the all-rounder eventually looked a little under prepared and rusty in the 2017 edition. 
Questions over if the 10th edition of the VIVO IPL would be Watson's last stint in the league started to surface but in a recent interview to Fairfax Media, Watson hinted at continuing in the shorter format across global T20 leagues. 
"If I still know I can contribute on the field, and I'm still really enjoying it as much as I can, then I'll definitely continue to play on," Watson said.
"I know how fortunate I am to have this period of time at the back end of my career to be able to play these brilliant tournaments. While I'm still enjoying it, I'll certainly continue to play."
News reports of whether Watto wanted to become a coach were also doing the rounds and the all-rounder has never denied to not think about it.
"I'm able to spend time outside of just playing as well because I've got chunks of time off to be able to try and get the transition phase [into coaching] as smooth as it possibly can be out of my playing days because no doubt it's a challenging time for any athlete moving onto the next phase of their life."
Watson admitted that a retired life from International cricket allows him to relax and spend some time thinking about his future.
"This Twenty20 circuit that I'm able to play now means I've got plenty of time in between to be able to set up other things outside of just my playing schedule."
Shane Watson will move to the Caribbean to be a part of the CPL apart from debuting in the 5th edition of the Bangladesh Premier League later this year. 

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