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Purrfect Selfie Contest

Tue, 26th, Mar 2019

For the first time in the history of IPL, pet parents get to watch the match in a stadium with their pets. All you need to do is click a #PurrfectSelfie with your pet and share it through RCB Loves Fu... Read More

What You Should Know About Grooming Your Puppy

Mon, 25th, Mar 2019

Pups should stay with their mothers for at least 8 weeks after their birth. During this time, their mothers clean them up regularly. Once they're old enough to be taken to their forever homes, you'll ... Read More

IPL Schedules

Sat, 23rd, Mar 2019

... Read More

What Your Pet Really Wants To Do This Holi

Fri, 22nd, Mar 2019

Our pets are generally up for anything, whether you decide to have a midnight feast, or want to go for a walk at 5 am or you just want to laze around. They perfectly complement our needs and activitie... Read More

It's time to take the RCB fangirls seriously!

Mon, 11th, Mar 2019

When it comes to cricket or any major sports, men are often considered as the die hard fans. But over the years, even women have taken a liking for the gentleman's game. And no, it's not just popular ... Read More

Women's T20 challenge could pave the way for a full-fledged IPL

Mon, 11th, Mar 2019

It's been ten years since the inception of Indian Premier League and it has gone on to become one of the best T20 tournaments in the world. Following the increasing popularity of women's cricket ... Read More

Women from across the globe wholeheartedly embrace #ItsHerGameToo

Mon, 11th, Mar 2019

Royal Challengers Bangalore has always been a team with a very strong fan base around globally. Unlike age-old beliefs, it's not only the men who are die-hard fans of cricket, but it's also the women ... Read More

Vets and Vaccination

Mon, 11th, Mar 2019

The first thing you do when you bring a puppy home is to take him to the vet. The vet will examine your pet and make sure he or she is not exhibiting any signs of common illnesses that puppies are pro... Read More

Brodha V Artist Feature

Sun, 10th, Mar 2019

Mainstream hip-hop and Indian classical music? How many people can say they're good at combining the two? Brodha V can. He has mastered the art of adding Carnatic flair to booming rap.  One of In... Read More

What should I feed my pet?

Sun, 10th, Mar 2019

There is no single, magic bag of kibble that works for all dogs. Even during the course of their lifetime, your pet needs to be fed a variety of foods to get the right nutrition. For the first few day... Read More