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Former England Captain Clare Connor is set to become the first woman president of the MCC

25 Jun, 2020
Former England Captain Clare Connor is set to become the first woman president of the MCC
25 Jun, 2020 By Editor

Clare Connor is a former England women’s team captain who played 16 Tests, 93 ODIs and two T20Is in her illustrious career. Currently, she’s serving as ECB's Managing Director of Women's Cricket. It was under her captaincy that the England Women's team won the Ashes in 2005 which was their first in the last 43 years.

During the Annual General Meeting of MCC on Wednesday, the current Chief of MCC, Kumar Sangakkara announced the nomination of Clare Connor for office.

"I am deeply honoured to be named the next President of MCC. Cricket has enriched my life so deeply already, and now it hands me this wonderful privilege," she said.

The 43-year-old was made an Honorary Life Member of MCC in 2009 and has worked for the betterment of women’s cricket ever since.

"We often need to look back to see how far we've come. I made my first visit to Lord's as a starry-eyed, cricket-obsessed nine-year-old girl at a time when women were not welcome in the Long Room. Times have changed. Now I find myself entrusted with this remarkable opportunity - the opportunity to play a part in helping MCC, cricket's most influential club, to thrive and grow in an even more modern and inclusive future. And as we take small steps to emerge from this uncertain and difficult time, we are going to need the power of sport and strong sporting organisations like MCC more than ever. I really am very proud to have been asked to be its next president," the 43-year-old added.

In October 2019, Former Sri Lankan Captain Kumar Sangakkara became the first non-British member to assume the office of President of MCC. Considering the current situation owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sangakkara will remain in office for another year until September 2021.

"I am thrilled that Clare has accepted the invitation to become the next President of MCC," Sangakkara said.

The 42-year-old is confident that former England captain will do a remarkable job during her tenure as the President, and also believes that she will have an important role to play as President-Designate when he gets to bear the office for another term until September next year.

"The Club has a significant role to play in cricket's global appeal and with her influence, I am sure she will make a considerable contribution to MCC. With the extended lead-in time until she takes office, she will have an important part to play as President-Designate," the 42-year-old added.