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Credit to the boys, they fought really well – Faf du Plessis

23 May, 2024
Credit to the boys, they fought really well – Faf du Plessis
23 May, 2024 By Editor

Things didn’t really go as planned for the Royal Challengers Bengaluru in the Eliminator as they couldn’t really soar up to the lofty expectations pinned upon them. However, despite finding themselves at the receiving end, they did put up a fight to remember.

The RCB skipper, Faf du Plessis couldn’t really fire up to his natural element but he did try and keep the Royal Challengers in play with his shrewd decisions and maneuvers. Talking at the post-match conference, Faf du Plessis opened up on the key factors that defined the Eliminator.

Faf said, “With the dew coming, we felt we were short with the bat. Did think we were 20 runs shy of what was a good score. Credit to the boys - they fought really well. That's all you can ask for. If you look at naturally assessing the pitch and conditions, you would say it's a 180 pitch because it was swinging upfront and was quite slow.”

He concluded by saying, “But what we've found out this season, with the impact player, the par score isn't enough any more. Also with the dew coming in. Extremely proud. Lots of teams - their wheels would've fallen off after 1 from 9. To come back like that, six games in a row, takes a lot of heart and character. We weren't special tonight in terms of pushing that extra 20 runs with the bat.”