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It’s just a good reminder to stay in the game and fight – Mo Bobat

16 Apr, 2024
It’s just a good reminder to stay in the game and fight – Mo Bobat
16 Apr, 2024 By Editor

RCB had another unfortunate outing in the ongoing IPL as they went down fighting against the might of SRH. Faf du Plessis, Virat Kohli and Dinesh Karthik did fight hard enough but that wasn’t enough for them to get RCB across the finish line as the ask was overwhelming.

In the latest video of RCB Bold Diaries, RCB’s Director of Cricket, Mo Bobat, opened up on the current situation for the Royal Challengers Bengaluru and also highlighted the changes needed to walk out of this ordeal.

Bobat said, “We’re into the second half of the competition now and we’re not where we want to be in the league, that is for sure. Got to look at these like knockout games now. If we can win the next three or four games in a row, all of a sudden momentum. belief builds and people become fearful because they have seen what we have done with the bat today.”

He continued, “The challenge is on us. We’ve got to keep getting better. It’s a shame to get as close as we did to such a big score and to not get over the line, At the halfway interval, you really cannot spend too much time thinking about how big the score is. You gotta get into your head that you have to chase it.”

Adding further, he said, “The key is to keep on hitting at least two boundaries every over. I think they pretty much hit 40 boundaries. We wanted to hit two boundaries every over and you get close. You almost can’t think that far ahead at the score because it’s so daunting.”

Mo continued, “If you try and hit those two boundaries every six balls you know you got a good chance of getting close. The very pleasing thing is exactly what Virat and Faf did. They hit two boundaries every over and they got us set off exactly like we wanted to. Lost a few wickets, Will Jacks’ wicket hurt us a bit more today. But huge amount of character shown today which is pleasing. When we’re coming off quite a few tough results, we’re hurting right now. For the lads to show some character, is exactly what we’re after and hopefully that is really a good template of how we can bat.”

He concluded by saying, “With the ball we’ve got to get accurate. We got to do even better than we are. Interestingly if you look at the back end of their innings, they got quite a few runs in those last two or three overs. And I reckon if you hold your nerve in those last two or three overs, you might think that you are chasing a big score but it’s just a good reminder to stay in the game and fight and scrap for every single run.”