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When I talk about him, I see a phenomenal player - Simon Doull on Virat Kohli

28 May, 2024
When I talk about him, I see a phenomenal player - Simon Doull on Virat Kohli
28 May, 2024 By Editor

Virat Kohli finished as the leading run-scorer of IPL 2024 with an extraordinary tally of 741 runs that won him the Orange Cap. Despite being questioned time and time again, Virat stepped up in his finest avatar, showing why he is revered as one of the greatest of all time.

Talking to Cricbuzz, Simon Doull explained how he rates Virat Kohli and what are the key factors of VK that make him the legend that he is today. The former New Zealand fast bowler said, “When I talk about him, I see a phenomenal player. I see a great player who should be dominating more than what he was.”

He continued, “That’s my point all around. That’s why I talk about his strike rate. I felt at times he was afraid to get out because he was worried about what’s behind him rather than saying ‘I am so good’. He is so good. He is such a great player, he should be dominating more and more.”

Simon further added, “What I loved about this year was the intent to hit the sixes. He is too good to worry about what if he gets out. He is too a good a player. That is always my point around. What he did this year, I loved that he was more aggressive. He took the bowling on. He played the slog sweep which we didn’t see him playing play much at all.

Doull concluded by saying, “He’s never not going to have the fire. He’s never not going to be one of the fittest blokes in the game. Because that’s what drives him. Sometimes, he needs some motivation and DK is absolutely right. After 17 years of giving the game everything that he has given, he’s gotta look for some things that spur him on now and then. And if I can do that for an Indian cricket point of view, then it’s good.”