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ICC announces prize money for winner and runner-up of WTC final

28 May, 2023
ICC announces prize money for winner and runner-up of WTC final
28 May, 2023 By Editor

With the build-up towards the World Test Championship (WTC) final already receiving a lot of attention, the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced the prize money for the winners and runners-up of the massive clash. 

The grand final between India and Australia will be played at the Oval from June 7th to 11th , with June 12th being the reserve day of the tournament. Announcing the prize money for both teams, apart from the glory of the winners taking home the glorious mace, ICC’s release said, “The winners of the ICC World Test Championship 2023 final will take home a whopping prize of $1.6 million while the runners-up will pocket $800,000.”

The notice further mentioned, “There is no change in the tournament prize money, which remains the same as that for the inaugural edition of the championship (2019-21) with a total purse of $3.8 million.”

Since the previous edition of the WTC, the ICC has also incentivised the non-finalists, and this year too, 3rd placed South Africa will earn $450,000 while England, who finished one spot below SA, will pocket $350,000.

The note also added that the teams placed 5th to 9th will not return empty-handed, stating, “Sri Lanka, who were among the top teams in the race for a spot in the decider during the epic finale, finished fifth to earn $200,000. The remaining teams New Zealand (No.6), Pakistan (No.7), West Indies (No.8), and Bangladesh (No.9) will be rewarded with a sum of $100,000 each.”