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Best Cricket Videos on Twitter

24 Mar, 2020
Best Cricket Videos on Twitter
24 Mar, 2020 By Editor

COVID-19 outbreak has forced the world behind doors, and there are no outdoor activities – except essential services. However, in times like these, cricket fans and stakeholders across the globe have thronged social media with their creative caps on. From sharing moments from the past to using the quarantine hours to come up with witty videos, cricket aficionados are doing their best to keep grimness at bay.

How’s this for Jos? Buttler is making the best of his time at home and helping his wife Louise Buttler film Pilates video.


 We just hope he did not break neighbour’s window glasses.

And it’s never a bad time to witness some magic  from Kevin Pietersen

 If you are a South African, skip to the next tweet. If you are a Black Caps supporter… rejoice!

Singh is King.

And this is what bowlers will demand in the future. Will they still be serving volleys?

It’s not what you see, or is it?

And we will wrap it up with some poetry in motion!